Someone, said I had to write something about myself, so:

1966.   Old?  …..it’s funny … still feels like I’m in my 20’s.

Yes please, i’ts a Passion.
The creation of an image unique in that one moment of time, in some cases you are there by yourself and no-one else gets to see that magical second.
Sometimes you get to share it with those you love, Photography allow us to share a moment.
Stop, take the time to appreciate what is all around.

Personally I blame my parents. 
(It’s always the mothers fault, right?)
They took 3 kids to Europe in 1979, brave souls. 
Somewhere in all of this they gave me a camera, for which i’m eternally grateful and haven’t looked back since!

If you ask my wife however, you may get something a little like, “Oh Doc’s not here right now, he’s out with one of his “girlfriends” 
Yes, she does mean one the Cameras or a few of them and yes we are still married.

I’m a, Canon Professional Services (CPS) Photographer a CASA qualified, RePL /ReOC  “DronePilot” and love to travel!
Capturing photography and video over a wide range of perspectives.
I love working with people and trying that “different” angle. 

Small, large or ongoing projects, drop me a line o4o9125432 or send an Email: doc@52photos.com  
We can have a coffee, a chat and discuss your individual requirements.